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Meet our ambitious crew

Ryan M. Fuller
Ryan M. Fuller

Ryan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ghostcast. Prior to Ghostcast Ryan Co-Founded the Award Winning Consumer Electronics company OPKIX.

Chad Towner
Chad Towner

Chad is Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ghostcast.

Alex "Leff" Kovaleff
Alex "Leff" Kovaleff

Alex is the Co-Founder and President of Ghostcast. Alex is a 3X Jim Rome Show Smack Off Champion.


Jeffrey "JZ" Zehler

Chief Technical Officer - Formerly 10+ Years @ Intel

Toan Bui

Chief Marketing Officer - Former VP of Marketing @ Ellison

Mike Smith

Executive Vice President - 20+ Years as an NBA Broadcaster

Jennifer Prince

Board Member - Global VP and Head of Content Partnerships @ Twitter.

Sandy Grushow

Board Member - Former Chairman & President of FOX Entertainment.

Mitch Berman

Advisor - Partnerships - Former Sr. Management roles @ HBO, SkyTV, E!


Built for you.

Ghostcast was created for creators and their listeners.
Ghostcast empowers your personal voice to be easily heard and shared to build a global community of voices and opinions that fosters respect for everyone’s beliefs, interests, and passions.
Americans that have heard of Podcasts
* Data compiled from smallbizgenius.net
Podcasts as of 2020
* Data from podcastinsights.com
Ghostcast has the potential to be the audio equivalent of YouTube.
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