Calling All Content Creators

A Little about Ryan M. Fuller the CEO of Ghostcast

Calling All Content Creators

As the CEO and co-founder of Ghostcast, I am proud to be a part of the team that identified a growing market need, developed the Ghostcast platform to address that need, and successfully launch it to the world.  

So what is Ghostcast?  

Ghostcast is the first social podcasting platform that gives creators control of their own content and how they monetize it.

Ghostcast is redefining audio broadcasting by bringing audio into the current world of social engagement and community building, and giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to “find your voice” with a few taps on your smart phone.

This is no easy task, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.  

Especially when it comes to building a platform that fills the massive white space that currently exists in audio.

…oh, and did I mention that we did all of this in approximately 18 months.  

So who am I and how did I get here?

A Passion for Content Creation

Growing-up in Southern California, I’ve always been fascinated with content creation at a very early age.   Before turning 13 years old, I was already taking a video camera and filming my friends do funny, crazy, and dangerous stuff, we were your normal California skater kids.  

This stoked my passion to continue to capture the moment – from videos to photography; I was obsessed with capturing moments that can be experienced by others and not be forgotten.

After graduating from high school, I came upon the opportunity to work at Oakley, serving as an Assistant Team Manager for Oakley’s Skateboard Team.  I was very hands-on, traveling, filming and editing videos for the Team.  

My work included the "RoadRash Tour" which was a cross county trip with the Skateboarding Team, with a subsequent highlight was getting Oakley to sponsor my full featureSkateboarding Video "The Beginning", featuring riders from Oakley and friends.  It ended up getting picked-up for major distribution by Image Entertainment.

These early years and experiences with Oakley reinforced my belief in the power of content creation, and started my journey in pursing technologies and innovation that would eventually lead me to Ghostcast.  

Innovation Drives Growth

When I was at Oakley, I was asked to work with 3rd party designers to develop marketing materials.  When the designer bids came in higher than our budgets could afford, I decided to teach myself Photoshop to save money while still getting the job done.

This was one of those life-changing moments that showed how a need caused me to think in an innovative way, and ultimately drove my own personal growth.  

This simple act of betting on myself launched my interest and career in creative design.   A career and personal growth that has led me to work with some amazing, world-class brands like Oakley, Citi Bank, Virgin Records and National Geographic, as well as many amazing start-ups.

I learned about the power of web advertising and web traffic, and subsequently launched my own agency, JrPixels, that allowed me access and exposure to work with both global brands and up-and-coming challenger brands. JrPixels was subsequently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of America’s “Best Entrepreneurial Companies.”

From Video to Audio

Fast forward to 2016 and a friend approaches me with an idea to create one of the world’s smallest videocameras. Now at this point I was one year into developing a GoPro competitor camera.

Then I get a call from my friend Shahin with an idea for a camera. So you’re saying you want to create one of the world’s smallest video cameras, which happens to tap into my loves for photography, videography and technology? Let’s get to work!

Over the course of the next 6 years, as one of the co-founders of OPKIX and its lead creative and product developer, I designed the brand, flagship camera, accessories, and app platform that predicated many patent awards and a $240 million valuation.   My work garnered me the “Winning Designer” award by the International Design Awards in 2 categories – (1) Consumer Electronics & Cameras, and, 2) Video Camera & Equipment.

As we were just coming into the market, I was given the opportunity to have a “founders exit” that allowed me to leave OPKIX on a high note, which I ultimately took.    

You would think that I would have taken a little vacation after spending close to every waking hour working on OPKIX, I mean this was my baby!

Instead, I had already been advising on the next great thing, something that would revolutionize the audio space, and take voice, combine it with social engagement, and build the next big platform for content creators.

Thus, I decided to postpone my year off, and jump right into Ghostcast.

Empowering the Masses

When YouTube first started, I recognized its potential power to reach global audiences with video content.  Thus, I jumped head first, experimenting, and then fine-tuning YouTube videos, then YouTube channels, that in total, ultimately led to me being a content creator with my own YouTube following.  I had experienced how digital platforms could empower the masses.  

Instagram then popped up, and I followed the same plan.  Instagram’s platform for pictures played right into my passion for photography, and soon, I was growing an Instagram following by tapping into my love for photos.

I share this with you because I was a content creator on various social platforms and experienced their abilities to showcase my content and allow me to reach individuals at a global level.  

I’ve taken all of my knowledge and what I’ve learned, and am applying it to Ghostcast.

Ghostcast isn’t just an app.  It is a platform that allows content creators to tap into the audio space and make it a new channel to build their followings and further monetize their brand.  

We architected Ghostcast platform to allow for anyone and everyone to easily “find your voice.”  

For the casual content creator, Ghostcast gives you an easy way to capture, say, and share your thoughts via voice.   Unlike podcasting, there’s not a heavy investment amount of equipment, software and learning that is required to get started.    

It’s as easy as downloading the app, signing-up for an account, and finding a topic you want to talk about, and hitting the “record” button to go live. It’s just that easy, or you can upload if your shy to go live;)

For the professional content creator, there are key features on the platform that allow for multiple ways to generate revenue and too monetize your brand. We’ve got a robust product roadmap that will continue to expand Ghostcast’s support to content creators who want to compliment their visual social platform audiences with audio social engagement.  Ghostcast is also committed to make sure your content is save and never "shadow banned", we are a save haven for all voices and their opinions.

And since Ghostcast is an audio platform, you will be able to hear the passion, the love, the desire and all of the great things that come with voice.  

And people from all over the world will be able to record in both their native languages and other languages, and not risk having their words be “lost in translation.”

If you haven’t done so, please goto the Apple App Store, search for Ghostcast, download our app, and start finding your voice.

I can’t wait to listen to what you have to say!

January 5, 2021
Toan Bui
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